Learning Kanji for no reason other than…..

Pure fascination with the language, or any language for that matter, that is why I love language. I’ve always wanted to learn Japanese but alas, I know not a person of the orient, it wont be handy in my situation, but I can learn a few words for when I visit, I hope.


I came across this YouTube video ….

For anyone wanting to learn Japanese this is Genius!

little stories with every character , Kawaaaaaaiiii ^^


so far these kanji letters are stuck in my head, big, small, surrogate, and sadness, and just from watching once…



a small one :

  1. (Attah) durum wheat flour
  2. salt
  3. water
  4. vegetable oil

Measurements you say bah! Don’t insult me, you just have to use your Andaaz (apna,apna), your body is an instrument of  measurement.

For example its 4 inches from the tip of my index finger to the base of my thumb, and my grip hold 50g (approx).

Mix them all together, making sure the dough is soft enough by adding just the right amount of water, a science in of itself.

Let the dough rest, turn it into little balls (golas), then flatten.

Proceed to frying, the tawa has to be hot, slap one one, count till five then flip over, press down the dough, especially around the edges, if you did it right it should puff up, and flip, cook for a bit and then its done, repeat.

My Top 10 Bollywood songs

I grew up with Bollywood songs what can I say, Sonu Nigam was somewhere in the background singing one or more childhood memories, so it was a real delight to hear him live (totally different experience). So here goes, (some selections are quite cheesy(maybe) or you just might not get why I like them but, meh).


I don’t like the video,or Amitab Bachan, yes I said it >.<


Wanna be my chumuk challo o ooo oooh .


Nice wedding song I think.


Girl is goin cray cray.


AAAh the kajol/SRK days, good times, Sonu Nigam of course.


Of course who can forget this cheese-fest, to me all three songs are basically one song in three parts, but hey its a classic.


Lagaan , I’ve seen this movie a milion times I think.


Another good wedding song eh?


One sad, one Happy, also this choreography is a pretty intense workout.


I joke, actually these are only the 10 songs I remember (huehuehuehue).


1/2 desi is close enough


I’m not fully Desi (Note: I have the Desi blood but it is only 50%, add to that the blood is only called Desi, in the end its all the same hemoglobin cells, I don’t know what I’m talking about). But I don’t need to be to appreciate this side of me, the clothes, Shalwars, Anarkalis, Lehengas, Makeup (not really), style (only if its not chachoor or leading to chachoorpai) , food (Umi ki haat sai) , music , language, poetry, literature (I don’t know anything about Pakistani literature except ‘Jab aatish javan thaa”) , all appeals to me, and I was always thankful that I was exposed to another culture besides the Arab one, (Arab side post in the future).

I’m of course talking about (abooot) good Desi stuff, not kuchra Desi stuff we rant about (aboot). like the subtle art of being Char sou bees, with a hint of chachoor, add a dash of look at all my swaaag hommie. (index of terms used at the end of the post).


Favorite Desi food: Everything, yar everything thing, toss me that chaat masala, the chutney, achar, and all the fixins.



Drink: IMG_20140626_194707

Music: Aatif Aslam, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan.




(aaay haaai)

Poet: Alama Mohammed Iqbal. (I don’t know a lot of his work except Shikva and Jawab-e-Shikva)

Style Inspiration: Mahira Khan.


(I wish I was that hawt (hot) )


(close enough)

Athlete: Waseem Akram, Shahid Afridi.


City: Karachi.



Person: My mom ❤


Desi= Pakistani, Indian, Bangladeshi, so on, Shalvar=pants, the other half of Kamees (shirt), Anarkali=type of dress, Lehenga=two piece top and long full skirt, Chachoor=cheap, Char sou bees (420)= crafty, Yar=Dude, Ma ki haat sai=from my Mom’s hands, Chaat masala=awesome spice, Achar=pickle, Aaay hai= oh my!, Shikva=complaint, Jawab-e-Shikva=answer to complaint.