My Top 10 Bollywood songs

I grew up with Bollywood songs what can I say, Sonu Nigam was somewhere in the background singing one or more childhood memories, so it was a real delight to hear him live (totally different experience). So here goes, (some selections are quite cheesy(maybe) or you just might not get why I like them but, meh).


I don’t like the video,or Amitab Bachan, yes I said it >.<


Wanna be my chumuk challo o ooo oooh .


Nice wedding song I think.


Girl is goin cray cray.


AAAh the kajol/SRK days, good times, Sonu Nigam of course.


Of course who can forget this cheese-fest, to me all three songs are basically one song in three parts, but hey its a classic.


Lagaan , I’ve seen this movie a milion times I think.


Another good wedding song eh?


One sad, one Happy, also this choreography is a pretty intense workout.


I joke, actually these are only the 10 songs I remember (huehuehuehue).


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