a small one :

  1. (Attah) durum wheat flour
  2. salt
  3. water
  4. vegetable oil

Measurements you say bah! Don’t insult me, you just have to use your Andaaz (apna,apna), your body is an instrument of  measurement.

For example its 4 inches from the tip of my index finger to the base of my thumb, and my grip hold 50g (approx).

Mix them all together, making sure the dough is soft enough by adding just the right amount of water, a science in of itself.

Let the dough rest, turn it into little balls (golas), then flatten.

Proceed to frying, the tawa has to be hot, slap one one, count till five then flip over, press down the dough, especially around the edges, if you did it right it should puff up, and flip, cook for a bit and then its done, repeat.

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